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Do Not Disturb – Tween Now Has Cell Phone

  When I thought of giving my tween a cell phone, all kinds of concerns raced through my mind – digital bullying, sexting, easy access to information and the list went on.  Three months into her having her own phone, the biggest problem I have found is not what my tween or even her friends […]

Parents vs. Tweens What Cell Phone Ownership Means PLUS Invite to Miami Event

What are your biggest fears when it comes to giving your tween a cell phone?   What would your tween say it is? During a recent in-store event at a local Aio Wireless location, we hosted a conversation with parents and tweens on parenting in the age of technology.  Questions like the ones above evoked […]

Insuring Your Tech Investments for #BackToSchool

Blood rushing to your head.  You’re not sure whether to cry, scream or do both.  But no matter what you do it’s not going to fix it.  If you’ve ever broken, lost or had one of you or your tween’s cell phones stolen, you know what I am talking about.  So when SocialMoms approached us […]

Cell phones & Tweens – A Decision Process

Let’s face it, if you’re a tween parent- you’re in the midst of cell-phone DRAMA! From deciding whether they are ready for one to whether you need your child to have one to concerns over how they are or will use the phone or who communicates with them- you’re in it. And the scariest part […]

Guide to Smartphones for the Modern Mom

Modern moms are 38% more likely than the general population to use a smartphone, and they’re 28% more likely to use a tablet, according to a 2012 report from BabyCenter and Nielsen. Mobile moms demand nimble smartphone technology that goes beyond IMs and email with aplomb, and that looks stylish too! In addition, they need devices that adapt […]

Pros and Cons of Giving Kids Cell Phones

By Alisa Valdes for Mamiverse     A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that three-quarters of all American teens have cell phones. Research by the academy indicates that most of these kids are getting these phones in middle school and, increasingly, even earlier than that. The widespread use of cell phones by children raises […]

Confessions of a Divorced, Single Dad

By: James R. Venney Contributor, Los Dads My original intention in writing this article was to share some lessons learned and observations I have made thus far in my journey as a single father. However, in the wake of the events that unfolded in Connecticut on December 14th this brief article took on a different […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.. cell phone- si o no?

We’re in the midst of a difficult parental decision- the cell phone pressure is mounting among our tweensitos. There are days that I think it would be easier to ‘just let them have a phone’ and then I can call my girls if they’re at a friend’s home or on an outing. Then, as Katherine […]