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5 Tips to Avoid Eye-Related Injuries Due to Pointy Toys

A number of recent studies have shown that some popular toy types are commonly associated with childhood eye injuries. These include air guns and other toys that shoot projectiles, high-powered lasers, and sports equipment. When the gift-giving and celebratory spirit of the holidays is in full swing, we can forget how easily kids can get […]

[Video] Peace of Mind for Parents? There’s a Kid Tracker for That!

Kii, a cloud platform provider, and Haltian, a high technology electronics design and production house, launched a new portable tracker and communication device called “Snowfox.” This kid tracking solution consists of a portable device with voice calling, GPS tracking and an app to help address the highest priority for any parent – their child’s safety. Today […]

7 Safety Tips for your Holiday Parties at Home

The holiday season is a festive time, which often means homes are decorated and family and friends visit. The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy getting together with family and friends. By applying a few common sense safety ideas, you can make sure your holiday gatherings remain happy ones you will want to […]

Empowering Children to Prevent Child Deaths in Hot Cars

News of a child dying in a hot car is absolutely heartbreaking.  Even worse is the thought that these deaths could of been prevented if someone had taken action.  Much discussion around preventing child deaths in hot cars has involved which action adults should take.   But what about the children themselves.  A conversation with […]