My weekend with the [Review] Lincoln MKX. The series has a color inspired by lipstick!

I’m a girl who loves cars. Yo soy un chica que sinceramente me encantan los autos. I’ve driven sports cars, convertibles, SUVs, compact cars and minivans (surely my least favorite). I was invited by my amigos at Pines Ford Lincoln to spend a long weekend in a 2014 Lincoln MKX since I’m in the market […]

Tips for Women Looking to Purchase a Vehicle

order glasses online Did you know that fall and winter are the most popular time of year to purchase a luxury vehicle?   Neither did I.  But it’s true, 28% of luxury vehicle sales occur in the fourth quarter of the year. I bet you did know that las mujeres are huge influencers when it […]

Importance of Reconnecting & Lincoln MKZ Review

write my college essay We work hard to provide for our families and attend to their every need.  So why is it almost impossible for us to spend time on ourselves? Early in our marriage, my husband and I made a vow to do just that.  To be together for the long haul, we realized […]