How To: Maleficent Louboutin Manicure

As I watched Maleficent with my tween, one thing kept catching my eye – Angelina Jolie’s nails!   In the scene where Maleficent curses baby Aurora, I turned to my tween daughter and said, “Look at her nails!  They’re red on the inside!”  The response, “Shhhh!” If you look closely at the two photos below you’ll […]

Nail Art Tips from Celebrity Nail Stylist Mar y Sol

One of my favorite pass times with my tween daughter Maddy is doing our nails together.  She is constantly bouncing between school, after-school and weekend sports and hanging out with friends so I cherish the moments that we spend together.  Plus, it gives us time to do a “girly thing” just the two of us. […]