Why My Los Tweens

The internet congers up many images- excitement, breaking news, data, research, products, perversion, nutsos and so on.  That’s why I don’t let my 9-year olds near the computer yet without supervision and constant guidance. The Tween years are all about curiosity and learning to apply all this knowledge that they are starting to actually understand. And there’s no place to test that knowledge like the online world.

But since I’m not ready to let my chicas fly solo and get anywhere near Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc without a parent – I thought of creating mylostweens.com. A totally non-commercial environment where they can post their ideas, photos, video (coming soon) book reviews, book suggestions, community service projects and general thoughts on how THEY will change our world.  And I have no doubt they will. The only advertising and links on the site will be regarding educational, health and community initiatives- including non-profit information and data. That’s it. And themes surrounding how to maintain or capture parents’ culture certainly will be showcased.

MyLosTweens has been created for and by tweens themselves. The content and ideas (and drawings!) comes from our kids and their friends. NOW it’s your turn to have your child participate and share his or her voice. We welcome them and surely will be honored to share a community welcoming all.


Cristy, Katherine & Los Tweens

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