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Los Tweens and Teens is the only bilingual e-magazine for mothers, tias & influencers of 7-17 year olds. We positively influence the “in-between years” via mind, body & soul with news, personal stories, trending topics and how-tos.


What is a Tween?

A tween is a child between the ages of 7 and 12, usually in 1st through 6th grade.  They are in between (get it “tween) Kindergarten and Middle School.  A Tween is a child who is starting to question their surroundings, becoming more aware of others and experiencing peer pressure.  Children in this age group are also increasingly delving into technology and in the later years requesting cell phones.  Parenting a tween can be a lot of fun as children begin to develop greater language and physical skills.  But, parenting tweens can also be challenging.  Tweens begin revolting against their parents in small ways, testing their boundaries and feeling the pressures of the world around them.

What is a Teen?

Teens are children ages 13 through 17, usually in 7th through 12 grades.  The teen years are noted for the increased amount of responsibilities, peer pressure, academic pressure and angst.  Parenting issues become even more challenging as children have an increased amount of freedoms.

How Los Tweens & Teens Positively Influence?

Cristy, our creator & publisher, shares her personal experiences on raising twin tween girls and as our “tia-in-charge,” Anllelic, shares her experiences as a proud P.A.N.K (professional aunt, no kids) of two teens and 5 young children.

We also include the point of views of different tween & tween influencers, like dads, grandparents and teachers, as well as invite guest bloggers to be part of our “Board of Experts,” who share their expert point of view on different topics that impact the mind, body and soul of 7-17 year olds.

Los Teens is creating content around parenting teenagers and exploring the ways that parents can strengthen their relationships with their children, as well as sharing ways to make these “in-between” years just a little easier.


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