Whole Grain Mustard Potato Gnocchi Holiday Recipe

A former Top Chef contestant, restauranteur, entrepreneur, successful Miami caterer AND mom of three, Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo is definitely a woman we look up to.  In the midst of the holiday business, she has managed to share with us a great holiday recipe that is sure to become a favorite in your family.   Also […]

[Recipe] Peppermint Mocha Cafe con Leche Recipe

There are certain scents and flavors we equate with every holiday.  For me, the holidays smell and taste like peppermint. The strong yet calming smell makes me immediately think of candy canes, pine trees and presents.  And it wouldn’t be the holidays without a large peppermint mocha latte from my favorite coffee spot. I set […]

Importance of Reconnecting & Lincoln MKZ Review

write my college essay We work hard to provide for our families and attend to their every need.  So why is it almost impossible for us to spend time on ourselves? Early in our marriage, my husband and I made a vow to do just that.  To be together for the long haul, we realized […]

Crunchy Snickers Cupcakes Recipe

These Crunch Snickers Cupcakes were a HUGE hit at my recent party with the tweens and adults.  They are extremely simple to make and a great way to get rid of the extra holiday candy lying around the house.  I had the idea after one of the the moms in my son’s Kindergarten class made […]

Steak Tostada Recipe

If the tweens had it their way, taco night would be every night.  The same ground beef tacos with all of the toppings over and over again.  I love to cook and use it as my creative outlet.  But just like no artist creates the same painting more than once, I rarely create the same […]

Introducing Fish to Picky Eaters

We’ve all heard the benefits of eating fish but those perks aren’t enough to convince a picky tween. During the Hispanicize 2013 conference in Miami this week, Bumblebee sponsored a reception for the bloggers and journalists. We had the pleasure of meeting Dave from Bumblebee’s headquarters. Cristy struck up a conversation with Dave on how […]

St. Patrick’s Day Tween Party

Last year, we put out the challenge to our readers to come up with the name for the fun punch we created – Rockin Shamrock was the winner!  And to celebrate, we hosted a tween friendly St. Patrick’s Day party with the Los Tween’s familias.  We had a lot of fun snapped a ton of […]

Building Bonds through Tween Cuisine

I have a special place in my heart for all things Abuelos and for allowing children to learn, grow and respect the elders in their lives. Sometimes it’s easy to take grandparents for granted as either always being there or just to help you watch the kids. But taking the time to help grandparents (or […]

Food, Celebrities and Lots of Fun – Photo Recap of South Beach Wine & Food Festival

    Food and celebrities mixed with sand, sun and exotic animals.  The South Beach Wine and Food Festival provided plenty of entertainment for the tweens and parents alike.  Here’s our collection of photos from the weekend’s events Saturday, las chicas of Los Tweens visited Fun and Fit at Miami Beach’s Jungle Island.  Aside from the exotic […]

Simple Brownie Bites Recipe

I was still feeling under the weather this weekend and guilty about not helping chaperone a Girl Scout field trip when I devised this simple twist on classic brownies to lift my (and the girls’) mood.   Brownie Bites are an easy to make, no fuss and portable sweet treat perfect for field trips and […]

Breakfast Tostadas for Dinner

By Vianney Rodriguez This has to be one of the greatest ideas ever brought to the table. Obviously, a terrific mom invented this idea. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so; I get a little giddy when my kids ask for breakfast for dinner. I’m in. Breakfast tostadas are hearty, easy and adaptable to […]

No Bake Cupcakes – Perfect Summer Recipe for Tweens!

By Art Rodriguez, Latino Foodie With the temperature rising, it is getting harder to stay in the kitchen for any length of time. The blazing sun fills our LatinoFoodie kitchen with its warmth to the point of broiling our potted house plants. The doggies pant for relief as the kids slowly disintegrate into the couch. Just […]

Healthy Sunday Brunch- Warning- it’s in Spanglish!

It was a busy work week and I spent more time than usual away from the kiddies. So we took Sunday late morning to create a brunch together and attempted to practice more Espanol.. chaaaaaa- that’s not easy at this age! Well- the result was a yummy brunch with a Spanglish narration.. bueno– at least […]

Mexican Chocolate Tamales with a Kick

  Mexican Chocolate Tamales with a Kick; Yummy Fun for the Whole Family   The holidays have come and gone and you’re wondering what to do with your leftover chocolate chips you didn’t use for baking and corn husks from your tamales?   These chocolate tamales piqued our interest because of the use of Mexican […]